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Recycling - our contribution to the environment

A lot of our packaging has already been recognized by our customers as “sustainable packaging”.

We are convinced that environmental protection will be a very important topic in the laboratory of the future, and we will consistently align our corporate strategy accordingly.

BRAND sustainable packaging

Recycling with a system

Sustainable packaging

For much of our product packaging, we use cardboard with a recycling rate of around 90 % and we are working to become even more environmentally friendly in this area.

Recyclable TipBoxes

With the TipBoxes of our pipette tips, our customers can also contribute to recycling valuable resources. The entire TipBox is

made of pure polypropylene and is completely recyclable. This also applies to

the corresponding TipRack refill system, which is made of polyethylene.

Recyclable TipBoxes
Renewable Energy

Working together to protect the environment

BRAND uses 100 % renewable energy from certified hydroelectric power plants. With the Wertheim public utility company, we have found a regional partner to help us achieve this. This saves 1,000 tons of CO2 per year compared with 2019.

Matthias Stein

Marketing Director

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